Witty Kitties is a collection of 10k cute Kitties, they are naughty and love to play tricks & mischief. 




It is the year 2099, on the Mverse, outs​ide of the realm of humanity, Witty Kitties have learned to break out and enter the humans' universe.

They are naughty and supersmart and can impersonate any personality & trait. They love to trick humans and spread chaos; the only thing that can curtail this chaos is to tame them by feeding eth-balls, in return, they show extreme love and affection to their human owners. They can be very helpful to have in the metaverse (if you ever get sucked up in it).

With your love, they have huge potential to grow exponentially to rule the whole metaverse. 

nft collection

It is a gang of around 10k Witty kitties on ethereum. This project is your entry in the Mverse, more companions (NFT collections) will follow.

an appeal from Witty Kitties

So come, give Kitties a chance and grow with them by feeding eth-anas (minting Witty Kitties NFT). 

we are Witty Kitties

NFT Holder Benefits

Free NFTs

Free NFTs, made exclusively for Witty Kitties holders.

Early Access

Early access to the upcoming special edition blue-chip NFTs.

Special Events

Gain access to special events and vote for experiences.

Full IP 


Do whatever you want, the Kitty(ies) are all yours!  

Free Goodies *

Free goodies (HD, banner, upscaling, utilities, etc.)


T-Shirts, Caps, Canvas Prints, stickers, and more!! 

Airdrops *

Access to airdrops of eth-balls, Mverse main currency, that can be redeemed on the upcoming storefront.  

Back to the 


20% of the royalties made from the secondary sales will go back to the community.  

* Still in planning; unlocks after 150+ eth in secondary sales.

Kittymap (the roadmap)


Digital Artist

Leading Artist, 
 Concept DesignER 
Block Chain Expert
Front-end Developer
3d & A​I Expert


How can I get my own Witty Kitties?

You can mint free* Witty Kitties during the mint live. The planned mint day will be announced on Twitter.

How many Kitties will be available for the free minting?

Out of 10k, 9k kitties will be available for mint; the rest 1k kitties we will keep for personal use, marketing purposes, and giveaways. It is first come first adopt basis (except whitelist). 

1 free Kitty per wallet, feed eth-balls to adopt additional kitties. Price increases dynamically with time and supply left, so adopt early.

What’s the royalty %?

10%, with 20% invested back into the community.

Members come up with extension project ideas, the community votes for them, and they receive $$$ support to make the projects happen. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Why the royalty % is high?

 - Free Mint: More than half of the Witty Kitties collection will be available for free mint. 

 - Community: 20% of the royalty will be invested back to the NFT community.

 - Kitties that care: 25% of all the earnings will go towards fund to support kids with medical conditions. 

When free NFTs and other benefits start?

As soon as all Kitties sell out, the team will work on the next set of activities as per the Kittymap (the roadmap).

Witty Kitties are not up for sale yet, what we do until then?

Please check for updates on Twitter and take advantage of events (whitelist draws etc.)

Free mint date and schedule will be announced on the Witty Kitties Twitter.

How can I contact the team?

For all the project updates and inquiries, please contact us using Twitter.